What Science Has Forgotten

Many people think that science will eventually be able to explain everything that happens in nature, and that technology will be able to reproduce it. Perhaps that is so, but even then, that day lies far into the future. Probably a more likely scenario is that the further science and technology advance, the deeper the mysteries of the world will grow. Even with topics that we believe science has solved for good, when you take a closer look, you'll find that plenty of problems have slipped through the cracks or been swept under the carpet. Furthermore, these are often the issues that are closest to us and most important in our daily lives. Take hunches or intuitions or premonitions, for example. They may have rational-sounding explanations, but our gut feelings tell us something is not quite right after all. Such examples are not at all uncommon. When you think about it, there are lots of things that modern civilization has forgotten all about. Maybe the time has come to stop for a moment and try to remember. The seeds of forthcoming science and technology are impatiently waiting to be discovered among the things we have left behind.


We can’t escape from our bodies, at least not while we are alive. Our intelligence and senses, our wisdom and emotions are all literally part of our bodies. It is only thanks to our bodies that we can contemplate the universe, and experience all the little joys and sorrows of daily life.
Even a single grain of sand in our shoes stops us from thinking properly. That is what it’s like to be human. And in the sense that we can never experience the bodies of other people, we are always alone.
However, the actual substances that make up our bodies change from moment to moment, and our bodies are home to an astronomical number of different microorganisms too. You are not the same person as you were yesterday, and your body is not yours alone, so to speak.
Listening to the unknown voices inside our bodies, hearing the messages from our blood and respiration, would not only help determine our body condition, but might also be a great chance to better understand ourselves.